"i’m being stripped off on live radio. this is my job" 

GET TO KNOW ME MEME2/5 female characters » Poussey Washington

"My name is Poussey! Accent à droite, bitch."


Bad Education Series 3 [x]


Sing For Absolution // I Belong to You - Muse


me: *doesn’t start hw until 10 pm*

me: *at 10:15 pm* i am dROWNing in sCHOOL work why do teachers do this to me I hATE THis cruel WORLD look at all of THE iNJUSTICE 


I love how when someone asked what Dan was gonna be for Halloween he was like “we haven’t decided yet” they’re most definitely turning into a we couple. Every second sentence in his liveshow was ‘me and Phil’ ‘Phil and I’ ‘so me and Phil were talking’ ‘so the other night me and Phil’.


*gets job as a stripper* *gets on stage in 3000 sweaters*
Get ready for some all night entertainment


some things about the phandom that bug philslesters and I. we’re all here to have fun but being respectful is important too. 

Requested by anonymous. [x]

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